PPS Enrollment and Transfer Center Phone: (503) 916-3205
Email: enrollment-office@pps.k12.or.us
2015-2016 Focus Option Lottery Highlights:
  • Use this application to apply for immersion programs and specialized schools that offer deeper focus into the arts, math, history, technology and other programs.
  • Students who attend Head Start pre-kindergarten or qualify for free and reduced-price meals receive preference for most focus option schools and program. Click here for income eligibility guidelines and a list of schools/programs that offer preference to qualified applicants.
  • All kindergarten programs are full day and free to all families.
  • All immersion programs now have slots set aside for native speakers. Immersion lottery slots are for Kindergarten applicants only. Requests for other immersion grades are through petition forms (see below).
What's NOT included in the 2015-2016 Focus Option Lottery:
  • Families should use a petition request form to ask for a transfer into a neighborhood (non-focus option) school, or to request entry to focus option grade levels that are not open in the lottery. Reasons for transfer will be evaluated as part of the decision process, as well as whether there is space at the requested school.
    • Petition requests may be submitted at any time, but early decisions will be made for petitions submitted by the lottery transfer application deadline: February 18th (HS) and March 6th (K-8).
    • The petition application is available at School Choice.
  • If you are an 8th grader living in the Jefferson cluster, you have a choice for designated high school—the high school you will attend if you do not transfer through the lottery. Talk to your student’s 8th grade counselor by February 20th to declare your high school.
  • Students who live outside of the PPS boundary cannot apply in this lottery, as it does not comply with state laws for interdistrict transfers. A separate lottery for students from other districts will be held in the spring. Call 503-916-3205 to get more information about the interdistrict lottery.
Before you begin this application:
  • Have your student information ready:
    • If your student is already enrolled in a PPS school, we will ask for his/her student ID number and will use the address information in our student database when processing your application. If you moved recently and would like your information updated, please go to your school and provide two pieces of proof of your new address before the transfer deadline.
    • If you are applying for a sibling preference at your first choice school/program, please provide the student ID number of your older child currently enrolled at that school.
  • Review space availability, application requirements and other important information at School Choice